Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Plug-in Energizer Tips

A HotShock 5 Plug-in energizer kit. Everything that is needed to operate a fence 100' from an outlet. 

How do you energize a fence if it is 100'± from an electrical outlet? Here is the kicker—you are unable to use a battery or solar energizer setup. Only plug-in.

For some, their first instinct is to use an extension cord from the outlet to the energizer. We do not recommend this option. There are a few reasons—

  1. Safety. If an animal chews on the cord, that is a direct connection to 110v AC (much different than a pulse from an energizer). 
  2. Extension cords are unable to provide consistent power (vary depending on the cord). Also—connecting multiple extension cords increases the overall resistance of the electrical circuit. The energizer may not receive the amount of energy it needs. 
  3. For some energizers (mostly AC/DC units) the plug-in adapter (called a brick) is usually not weather resistant.  
What's the best option for energizing your fence? Run an insulated lead-out wire from your energizer to your fence. MaxiShock Double Insulated Cable or DCPIW34 is recommended to carry the pulse from the energizer to the fence. The cable can be buried or set along your yard. 

If burying the cable in a high traffic area (i.e. beneath a driveway) run the cable through conduit. This will significantly reduce the amount of pressure the cable experiences. 

If not buried and you need to mow:
  • Turn off your energizer and disconnect the cable. 
  • Gather the cable as you would rope to take it out of the mower's path. 
  • Mow. 
  • Unwind cable and reconnect to energizer. 
  • Turn on the energizer. 
  • Test fence. 
If you have any questions on using energizers or fencing please contact us at 800-282-6631 or info@premier1supplies.com.