Friday, February 26, 2016

Importance of energizer output in tall-grass

If the grass gets this tall, mow it! 

We all know that electric fence and grass contact don't go together all that well. The energizer sends the pulse through the fence, the grass leeches energy from the fence so that there is less energy when an animal touches the fence.

But overcoming grass contact is possible if a higher output (more joules) energizer is used. How does this work? By sending more energy through the fence than the grass can leech, you will have more available energy when animal contact is made to the fence.

If you're expecting significant grass contact (though not as much in the photo above) consider going with a higher output unit. Consult us (800-282-6631) if you have any questions.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Chicken Nipple Waterer Tips

Premier's Heated Poultry Water, Chick Nipple Waterer and Bucket Nipple Waterer

For those having trouble getting their chickens to drink from a nipple type waterer, here are a few tips:
  • Remove alternative sources of water. If a trough type is available, chickens will use it instead of the nipple drinker. 
  • Tap the nipple with a finger. The resulting sound and water drop will draw the birds' attention—they will investigate the source. 
  • Take a bird and hold its head to the nipple. Touch its beak to the nipple so the animal knows where to get water.