Thursday, April 2, 2015

Introducing PRS-I and PRS-B energizers

This Spring Premier added several new units to its PRS Energizer line-up. These units offer some of the same features of the original PRS line-up but with added enhancements.

  • Output 0.5 or 0.25 joule
  • Same UV treated, high-impact plastic outer case but the energizer inside varies in joules of output and energy use/hr.
  • Include a backup battery charger.
  • Have an easy-access on/off button.
  • On/off button shows up very well at night (flashes green or red depending on battery charge level).
  • Have an overcharge regulator to protect the battery.
  • Can be placed on the ground or on the top of steel T posts.
  • Include wires and clips to connect to the fence and the ground rod. 
  • Larger batteries (in amp-hr) than competing units of similar output.
A “PRS-B” (for “Basic“) unit removes a steady 50 milliamperes per hour from the battery—which in turn must be recharged by the solar panel.
PRS-I” units (for “Intelligent”) are able to reduce their energy demand when the fence’s voltage is high—due to few weeds touching the fence. 
This occurs in fall and winter for most fences and occurs all year for some horse, cattle and deer fences.
So an “I” unit’s battery is more likely to remain charged through the low sunlight days of autumn and winter.

0.25 vs 0.5 Joule?
0.25 joules will work for a roll of sheep netting or a strand of “weed-free” rope. It’s also enough for most cattle and horse temporary fences. Will work with a roll of PoultryNet or VersaNet but grass must be mowed or sprayed as needed to maintain adequate voltage. 
For multiple rolls of net we advise 0.5 joule units or larger.

Below is a video of setting up a new PRS for in-field use. If you have any questions give us a call at 1-800-282-6631 or visit our website at