Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Introducing Drivable Netting Posts

Drivable Netting Posts!
Can be hit hard with a mallet/dead blow hammer or tapped in with a steel hammer. Fence sets up easily in hard or frozen soils as well as soft soils. Pushing is no longer necessary.

Who needs Drivable Posts?
  • Those who find it too difficult to push single spikes or step double spikes into the ground.
  • Those who install net into: Hard soils in summer, frozen soils and rocky soils.


  1. Drive Cap (brown in color to distinguish from regular post caps). Can be hit with a mallet or dead blow hammer (not steel).
  2. 19mm post with fiber glass cables. Same sturdy post as our FiberTuff end/corner posts. Excellent for high strain fence lines. 
  3. Spikes with a spike stop to prevent the spike from being forced up into the post—possible when combining normal single spikes and hard soils. 
  4. Single spike. All the downward driving force is directed toward one spike (not two) making soil insertion easier. Single spike less likely to tangle than double spike.  

Drivable posts are currently available in the following nets:
Bear QuikFence
PoultryNet 12/48/3
PoultryNet 12/42/3 (PN)