Thursday, August 1, 2013

Omelets in the breakroom

Premier's garden goodies. Tomatoes and eggplants ripening on the vine. 

The square of butter stubbornly held solid for just seconds before it gave in to the heat of the skillet. Hot liquid butter spilled out and crashed against the sides of the pan, coating the entire surface in creamy goodness. Chopped tomatoes, peppers, onion and eggplant were thrown in to sizzle and sear. 

While the butter and vegetables got acquainted, three eggs were cracked and whisked until perfectly blended. The mixed eggs were poured over the softening vegetables, filling the gaps between. Moist egg quickly stiffened when it hit the heat. 

The pan is quickly shaken over the heat. Egg swirls along the sides only stopping when it hits bare metal. The shaken loosens the forming omelet from the pan. The circle of egg and vegetable shifts and shakes and eventually folding over on itself. 

The end result. The omelet accompanied by green beans and sweet corn direct from the garden. 

The skillet is taken off the heat and momentarily hovers before it tilts and slides the piping hot omelet onto an eagerly awaiting plate. 

The taste? Excellent. Why? The eggs were fresh from the hens on the East Farm and the vegetables were straight out of Premier's garden.

The last few weeks I have feasted on fresh omelets I made during lunch. Each day Adrian brings fresh veggies into the break room and I incorporate the fresh fare into my lunch (as do many others). Eggs are provided on a weekly basis by Stan's sister Vivian (she tends Premier's chickens on the East Farm).

The garden is more than just delicious food. It's also a full scale flower garden. 

Though it's still summer, winter will soon be here and the fresh veggies will be but a memory. I'd like to thank Vivian and Adrian for all of their hard work and Stan and Jean for supporting the garden and poultry flock.