Monday, April 9, 2012

Out of the woods yet?

Mike and Carl have been rearranging a few of the pastures on the Home Farm. Their goal is to graze a thicket adjacent to one of the permanent pastures, but they needed a fence.

The area in question contains a few ups and downs as well as curves. Carl set up a few rolls of our ElectroNet® Plus. It's the same net as our original ElectroNet® but with a few more posts. It adapts to curves and corners much better and can handle more up and down strain.

Prior to setting out the netting, Carl went through the thicket and pasture with the mower to determine his. If you can't mow, driving over the grass once or twice or trampling it with your feet will suffice. Be sure to clear any brush (if possible) away from the netting to reduce energy drainage. Mowing ahead of time also removes any sticks or debris that could get caught in the net while setting it up. 

Gripping the posts as a group, lift them in front of you and unfold the net by feeding out each post as you walk back wards. It you're not comfortable walking backwards, hold the posts in one hand (if you can) and feed the posts out with the other.

Plus netting is very handy to have in situation where there are a lot of twists and turns in the fence line. The shorter distance between the posts allows for quick directional changes. 

Since ElectroNet Plus is designed for curves and corners, double spikes are included to aid with the side strain. 

When connecting two rolls together, make sure to connect the metal clips together for a strong electrical connection.

After you've made the connection between rolls of fence, continue setting up the remainder of the fence.

Once your fence is installed, connect it to the energizer for optimal effectiveness.