Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fence Catalog Season

 Photo: RaccoonNet in use around a garden (sweetcorn and melons not in the photo). Kylie is picking a few of the beans that happened to be ready that day. 

Seconds after the last of the frost leaves the fields, farmers are driving new posts into the soft soil for their fences. So in preparation for the fencing season, we're getting our 2012 Fence Catalog ready. 

Photo: Jody working diligently on layout. 

The process starts long before the Equipment catalog is even mailed. Jody and Kerrie (the graphic artists) compile a list of needed photos for Tharren to take throughout the spring, summer and fall. Actual layout for the catalog starts before the first snowfall (November) and lasts through most of the winter. 

Photo: Joe and Kerrie discussing catalog pages. 

Once the layout is complete, I (Joe) write the catalog's content. This mostly consists of photo captions, item descriptions and how-to's. Stan (Premier's founder/owner) goes over the catalog and makes photo suggestions and copy edits. 

Photo: From the end of last year's grazing season. But we'll be back in the pastures before too long. 

The catalog then goes to the product consultants. Since they spend their day on the phone with Premier customers they have the best insight into what needs to go into the catalog. I make the changes from the sales staff and Stan goes over it one final time. Stan's sister, Vivian, does a final round of editing. Once all of this is done, Jody and Kerrie upload the files to the printer's website.

We're coming to the end of the process. Look for the new Fence catalog in your mailbox around mid-March.   

Photo: One of the many sights we can't wait to see in spring. Sheep in a lush green pasture safely contained with a few rolls of ElectroNet electrified netting.