Monday, July 11, 2011

Just how Tough is a PRS?

Recently a customer brought in a PRS 100. What was wrong with it? It was simply smashed. The case was crushed and the solar panel was shattered. What happened (we're sure it wasn't shipped out like this)? The owner was round baling and accidentally drove over the unit. He brought it in to see what could be saved, after all it's an excellent solar energizer.

We pried the unit open and found that the wiring harness, batteries and Patriot energizer were unharmed. The plastic insert and metal case absorbed the impact and protected what was inside. We rebuilt the unit (new case and a new panel) and the owner was back in the fields later that day.

The plastic insert absorbed the pressure that would have otherwise damaged the Patriot energizer and batteries.

We were pleasantly surprised how durable the PRS unit was, though we wouldn't recommend finding out for yourself.