Wednesday, November 25, 2009

East Farm Handling System/Fencing

Yesterday, before it rained, the crew started to redesign our handling and feeding area at the East Farm. The existing handling system was temporarily put in place last year and now the more permanent system will be installed.

We plan to use part of the holding pens that are on concrete as a space to feed supplemental grain this winter. We will feed hay to the ewes in the compound east of the existing barn. It is protected on the north and east by the native grass round bales. (We have 50 bales and the sheep will not eat them.) We will also be installing another automatic waterer.

Today we will be hauling ammoniated straw bales from the North Farm to the East Farm for winter feeding. Also we are planning to install multiple rolls of PermaNet 10/48/6 so that pastures can be cross fenced for the winter.

All of this is part of long range plans to pasture and water 400 ewes on that farm (200 this year, 300 the next year and 400 by 2012).

Also this morning we sorted 30 lambs to haul to the Kalona Sale Barn where there is a sheep sale every Wednesday.

The temporary handling system that is being replaced.

Early Morning on the Home Farm.